retired, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

This old work horse has been parked at a friend’s place for at least a year. I finally snapped a shot of it Thanksgiving Day weekend when I walked outside and saw the storm clouds in the background. This is three different exposures slapped together in Photomatix and touched up a bit in Photoshop.


2 responses to “Retired

  1. Hey JRen – saw you stopped by my website, thought I would return the favor. I like the framing and colors on this shot, but the composite seems a bit overdone. Do you still have the three original shots? You should try using Photoshops HDR feature, maybe it will work better than the Photomatix. That’s what I use, although I don’t do very much HDR. Here’s an example:

    st. michael's

  2. Hi, Jesse! Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t tried Photoshop HDR yet… still trying to get the hang of Photomatix and FDR. I still have the three exposures so I’ll give Photoshop HDR a try. Thanks for the tip and for stopping by. 🙂

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