Immensity of the Sea

immensity of the sea, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

I’m experimenting with Photoshop and textures and layering. I’m learning a lot about Adobe Photoshop this way and having fun. I’ve decided that if you take a rather boring photograph, slap a texture on it and play with some filters you can really make it look… well, different if nothing else.

This shot was taken in North Point State Park near Baltimore¬† in late October. It was a beautiful day but the shot was kinda “eh”. The texture is by the awesome Ghostbones, who isn’t active on Flickr anymore but I hope wherever he is he keeps making those awesome textures and wallpapers.


2 responses to “Immensity of the Sea

  1. Wow, this is haunting, especially in the way it “ages” the photograph. It looks like it was taken a very long time ago, like it’s seen a few storms and traveled a long way onto this screen.

    Gosh, you’re good!

  2. Very good use of texture! I’ve never really played with that technique. I’ve never been satisfied with the outcome.

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