Beach Therapy

beach therapy

This is a shot taken in Atlantic City along the boardwalk. It was a beautiful day… not too cold, not too hot. Everyone was enjoying the weather. Taken with the Canon Elph S410 and texture is by ArtbyChrysti over at Flickr.


2 responses to “Beach Therapy

  1. I lived on the East Coast during my undergrad years and then for a few years in Montauk (sewing my oats? Do chicks do that?).

    Anyway, I love seeing people and families at the beach. We need to make time to relax because life just isn’t going to do it for us.

    “Beach Therapy” is the perfect name for this photo. The water and sand are soothing, calming, the “everything’s all right with the world” thing. It can also remind us that change is a good thing; the ebb and flow of existence.

    I like how the distressed look deepens the contrast; look at all the foot-prints! So many people have visited that day, so many have had fun and loved in the sun. The only evidence of use like that I’ve ever seen was on the steps of the Acropolis (smoothest gently-curved and worn marble you will ever see). Love it.

    Another beaut! Very thought provoking.

  2. Oops; I meant “sowing” not “sewing”; although with the needlework I have been frantically trying to finish before X-Mas not a complete shock of a slip. Somehow, sewing seems sexist, too. God I need to get more sleep.


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