San Blas

san blas, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

This is a typical downtown Cusco street… narrow, cobblestoned alleyways in which cars and pedestrians somehow manage to make it all work in this graceful, fluid economy of movement that I couldn’t seem to learn. I was the sluggish American tourist being jostled about by the steady moving crowd or honked at by one of the many taxis.

Beyond the alleyway there is the main Plaza where several churches stand, including the Compania Church, an architectural feast for the eyes. The cross street is San Blas, which is a very narrow, very steep and very busy street. Our hostel was on this street and the taxis will only take you so far up the narrow thoroughfare. At some point they stop and you must get out and make the uphill trek. I snapped this photo somewhere along the way.

Best viewed large on black.


One response to “San Blas

  1. It looks like it’s challenging for anyone to traverse these streets on foot or in a car…

    Beautiful composition of this shot!

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