RIP, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

We cleaned up an old, overgrown cemetery near Bellville, Texas a few months ago (before temps begin hitting the 100 degree mark here). We used a medal detector to find buried and broken headstones, dug them up and cleaned them as best we could. I snapped this shot during the cleanup.


5 responses to “RIP

  1. Great shot! How cool of you guys to do that for the cemetery!

  2. Thanks, 3b! πŸ™‚ Yeah, it was a fun chore… lots of work but rewarding. And a beautiful day, too. Down the road was another cemetery even more overgrown… covered in trees and brush were gravestones almost two hundred years old, surrounded by rusty wrought iron fences. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Dede. I believe it was the Concord, yes!

  4. We are currently working on cleaning Concord cemetery. It is at Hall and Dandelion Rds. Next to a red Volunteer Fire Department. We were there this last weekend and spent the night in the cemetery. We plan to go back between Christmas and New Years to work some more. I enjoy it too!!

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