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atonement, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

This image is most definitely best viewed in LARGE on black.

I used the Orton Effect on this first and merged the layers using the “Multiply” blending option. I then added a duplicate layer and adjusted the contrast and exposure to make it darker, and blended that layer using the “soft light” blending option. Lastly I used the clone tool to remove some specs of light in the foreground of the image.


Any Day Is a Good Day for Sailing

any day is a good day for sailing, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

Kemah, Texas near Galvaston. The Kemah boardwalk had come a long way when I visited in 2007 but this slideshow will give you guys and idea of what it looks like now. The day I took this photo it was overcast and gray… I almost didn’t need to convert it to black and white. If you look very closely you can see a bird sitting on the post. A seagull I’m guessing but I’m no bird expert. 🙂 This one was taken with the Canon Elph S410.