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A Drive In the Country

a drive in the country , originally uploaded by Jhawk.

We decided to drive around to various small towns in the area to celebrate our 4th. We passed through historic Navasota, Washington on the Brazos where we stopped at an old time general store and had some Blue Bell ice cream. Then we headed over to Kenney and Bellville where we had some pecan smoked BBQ brisket. A good day was had by all.


RIP, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

We cleaned up an old, overgrown cemetery near Bellville, Texas a few months ago (before temps begin hitting the 100 degree mark here). We used a medal detector to find buried and broken headstones, dug them up and cleaned them as best we could. I snapped this shot during the cleanup.

Before & After

Kenney, Texas

Kenney, Texas

Neglected Faith

neglected faith, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

I took a drive to Bellville this weekend. Right down the road from Bellville, maybe two or three miles, is a small town named Kenney. This little dilapidated church is the first thing you see. It sits in the middle of a field of Texas wildflowers and a few old trees.

This particular capture is an HDR image converted to black & white. I added a brown-ish filter and cranked up the contrast a bit. Lastly I added some vignetting around the edges.

Dare to Dream

dare to dream, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

I used the Canon Rebel and three exposures here, and Photomatix to create the HDR image. This is in Von Ormy, Texas (not far from Lackland AFB in San Antonio) and the house is on a small hill so there are few obstructions of the horizon. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful here.

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Too Early

too early, originally uploaded by Jhawk.

This shot was taken way too early in the morning. It was Thanksgiving Day and I was in a small town near San Antonio. Heading to the grocery store to beat the last minute crowds, I hopped out of the car long enough to snap a few shots of this. I think it turned out fairly well but not as beautiful as it actually looked. I guess that’s when you know you’re good… when you can capture a moment in time perfectly. I’m not there quite yet.